Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to choose a MLM Software?

To choose the software there are some basic questions that need to be answered.

Does it support the size that you are looking at? 
With this try and understand if there is a limit to the number of distributors that the MLM Software can support. Check the capabilities of the software before settling for it.

Is it in sync with your requirement? 
Ask this to understand various combinations that the software has to offer. This will help you figure out the proficient management method that it offers. For instance, if your product requires a demo, does the software allow that? Try and figure out a versatile software that will suit your business model whether for in – group members or during sales. Would you need Binary plan software or something that understands the Matrix plan? Decide that before deciding upon the software.

How technical will it be? 
Do you want something that is very high tech or would you be able to manage with something that’s quite simple? Will your distributors be tech savvy or would they need something that doesn't require more than a few steps? Explore answers to all of these before taking your pick.

What is the real cost? 
Understand if your in–house developer can manage a system that is as reliable as any MLM Software. If so then maybe you might not even need a MLM Software.

What does the future look like?
You never know what your distributors might want from you, therefore understand them before you choose your software. Though most, change and accommodate as per the requirements at different stages but you wouldn't want to take a risk.

After sale services
Make sure that your Software provider is willing to offer you after sale services which will help you keep your software functioning and organizing your business flawlessly.

Apart from these also study the background of your software provider and take demo of the software before making the purchase. Find what works for you the best.  Compensation plans will play a major role in helping you figure out whether you need Matrix plan based MLM Software or the one that is basically a Binary Plan software.

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MLM Software, why are these needed?

MLM Software plays a very important role in defining the success of a company based on Multi Level Marketing. Most of the MLM Software are customized in a manner to handle various business and management related activities including helping the company set up finances. These are often termed as the back office for the MLM business. Many of these software include features like Member Management, Downline Upline Reports, Genealogy – Tree View, Payout Detail etc.  

Most of these software support the Binary plan Software, Matrix Plan, Help Plan etc. The software are basically web based architectures that help the businesses to function properly with minimum hassles. The software’s are easy to operate, reliable and secure thereby allowing you to work easily and process transactions using secured modes. Many allow customization to the plans as well and these allow one to choose between various compensation plans like the Matrix Plan etc. These are web based solutions that easily port any design template and usually come with Content Management System as well. Many MLM Software come with integrated inventory software, e – commerce shopping car, support many languages and currency along with allowing SMS integration etc. The Software also allows one to back-up the systems so that there is no loss of data. There are various reporting systems as well that come with the Software. Most of the MLM Software today comes integrated with emails, optimized for all devices like the iPad, Android systems and Windows OS.

These are also needed because these help management organised and administer the company easily there by increasing efficiency and time cost. These also organised the financial plans quickly with minimum chances of error. The continuous backup helps the business be safe from losing data at any given point, even if the systems crash. Like any other software, even the MLM Software, whether it is the Binary Plan Software or one that enforces the Matrix Plan or Help Plan etc. are deigned to make the lives easier and work more efficient. Since the number of people in a MLM Business increase on continuous basis therefore it becomes very difficult for the company management to track and organised the operations etc. With these software, not much man power is required for administration and execution is usually error free and extremely time saving thus reducing labor, time and error costs. 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Different Types of MLM Business

There are majorly three categories for a MLM business, based on the source of revenue. These can be divided as the business that sells a product followed by the business that sells a service and thirdly, the business that sells memberships. What attracts most people towards a MLM business is the one where one not just earns money from the sales that they make but also from the commissions that they get from sales made by those who they recruit in the business.

For the MLM business that sells products or service, basically the only difference from a regular store is that they sell goods personally instead at a store front. They contract sellers who are independent contractors, who then are free to use any sort of MLM plan or Binary Plan software etc. to figure out how they want to recruit more people and this in turns, leads to the expansion of the company. The MLM participants earn commissions on their sales and also from the overrides and the sales that their associates who they have recruited, make for the company. The companies that sell their product are usually manufacturers as well. However, they can also have a contract with a third party who manufactures the product for them under the MLM label.

The third type of business where sales are made by selling memberships, are often called as pyramid schemes. These pay associated to recruit a new associate by providing them with an incentive. However there is no emphasis on product or service therefore, these are termed as illegal firms. One has to be cautious of such firms.

Therefore it is very important for a person to be careful as well as aware of the things that should be kept in mind while joining a MLM business. These things range from, keeping a tap on what sorts of business is the company into, what products are they selling, is the company real, what kind of people are involved with the company and other such information must be gathered beforehand.

The concept of multi level marketing came into existence between the year 1945 however, these trace back to the 1920 s. Even earlier, the MLM companies required for the sales distributors to recruit more people and in turn earn more commissions on individual sales as well as on the sales for the recruited distributors. MLM industry today has become worldwide, and with more and more companies coming in,the number of frauds and MLM scams are increasing as well. Also, with the increasing MLM business, there is helpful MLM Software launching every now and then in free as well as paid version. These MLM Software help with the financial planning of the business and now there are the Binary plan Software along with those that help with the Matrix plan etc. 

There are many more specific terms that need to be understood before one can study the compensation plans deeply. These range from the Rank Advancements to the variable commissions etc. However, the above mentioned are the basics that one must understand to even fully grasp the meaning of the various compensation plans.

Binary Plan: The most important of the MLM plans is considered to be the Binary MLM Plan. This is basically the 2xN matrix plan where the N stands for the levels where commissions can be derived from. There are minimum restrictions in this structure with each level earning on frequent quantity of sales and this in turn helps bring in more affiliates to the organisation thereby increasing the size of the MLM Business.

To make management and organisation of this structure easier, Binary plan Software have been launched which provide online solution for MLM Business using Binary Plan Calculations. These usually revolve around simple steps based on easy User Interface which can be used by anyone without much worry. The admin panels provide all controls that make using the software even simpler.

The advantages of Binary Plan are that the pay-outs are much more and the down line is infinite. It also helps nurture teamwork thereby spreading cooperative energy. There is a lot of potential here for earning depths through the compensation plans and for the person running the MLM business the point of concern reduces from the power leg as it is being built continuously by all those involved.
This system is much easier to understand even for the novice and help the network marketers realise financial freedom, thus pushing them to achieve success at a much higher pace. Now managing this system has become even easier with the Binary plan software that allow one to manage the power leg along with the profit leg easily. There are many Binary Plan Software being introduced and developed in India which give MLM companies freedom of business and efficiency in their working.

Matrix Plan: After the Binary Plan comes the Matrix Plan which is also known as the ladder or the Forced Matrix plan. Here members are organised horizontally as well as vertically and compensations are set basis the level. The members here motivate the ones below them to earn more profit. The member is allowed new recruitments under his downline. This system has also begun to be managed by software that are designed with consultation from experts in the MLM business.

In a Matrix plan for example, one is allowed that they can sponsor 3 front line distributors or associates and then they will get paid down to 5 levels in the organisation. Once you achieve the fixed number of front line associates the new associates are positioned under the existing frontline associates/distributors thereby causing a spill over.

One of the major advantages of the Matrix plan is that it helps one encourage people at the lower levels and foster leadership within the business. The plans are usually rigid but now the businesses have figured a way to balance these. Most companies following this compensation scheme usually over the time modifies the planto overcome the vulnerability. This is shaped as a pyramid and the Matrix plan also incorporates certain characteristics of the Uni - Level compensation plan.

Uni – Level Plan: The Uni – Level Compensation plan is where the sponsor goes on the first level and there they are allowed to sponsor as many associates as they can. Earlier there was only one level, thus the name Uni – Level, but now there are various levels that being considered in the industry. The main benefit of this scheme has been that the distributor gets better pay depending on the percentage of his personal sales which is like an incentive for someone to do more personal selling.

Help Plan:Then there is also the Donation Plan which is known as the Help Plan. These are basically run by various MLM companies across the world with their network. These are illegal in India however some countries allow it. The basic problem with this is that donations keep laundering because if you give a single gift to a network then you get multiple gifts from others as well. Now there are many MLM Software designed to support this Help Plan to the optimum. The key features of a MLM Help Plan Software are virtual gain, help history, rejected help, re – assigned rejected help, bank receipts upload facilities, secure and time saving applications, Manual or Auto Send help etc.

Stair – Step Breakaway Plan: This plan is where distributors climb the ladder to reach certain level where they are allowed to run their organisation independently. Here as well, like for any business, the aim is to distribute the parent company’s products. Breaking away from the upline basically helps the distributor because it means higher commission rate for them therefore they work with more dedication, however there are a few drawbacks as well.

The original sponsor still earns small percentage from each breakaway distributor which is referred to as the override commission. Also, for the parent company it might put a dent in the income even for a short term when a distributor breakaway from the organisation.  This is considered as one of the most difficult of the plans because it is difficult to understand as well as explain which makes it not a great choice when it comes to training newer recruits every now and then.

Other plans: There is also the Differential Plan where maximum percentage is allows to be distribute amongst members followed by Board Plan where a structure is formed represented in a rectangular format. Apart from these are the Generation Plan, Single leg business plan etc. that have come up as more recent concepts.

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Difference Between Pyramid & MLM Business

There have been a lot of associations built between Pyramid Scheme and Multi – Level Marketing. While Pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business where money is exchanged and no product or service is offered. Usually these schemes are illegal. One simply just signs up the newer members for a fee with no exchange of products and services. Every year under the coax of MLM business such pyramids schemes exchange millions. One can easily find out about such schemes if one moves forward with caution. Usually such businesses have vague descriptions, no product or service is offered and there are futile repeated assurances.

On the other hand is the Multi – level marketing which seems to be similar to the pyramid scheme but there is enough difference between the two. First and foremost of these reasons is that a Multi Level Business is legal. Moreover, the common elements of this form of a business is that there is almost nil enrollment fee, the products and services are explained to you before you sign up, a participant can make money without signing up others by simply selling the products that the company offers.

Apart from the differences in Pyramid scheme and MLM business, it’s also important for us to understand the different types of network marketing compensation plans. These are Uni-level structures, StairStep breakaway plan, Binary system and the Forced Matrix plan.

Today, looking at the growing network of the MLM business, a lot of MLM software have come into existence that are available online in free as well as paid versions. These are at times web – based or can also be downloaded.  Full - featured software provides for all important components that are required to run a MLM business successfully whereas the online free version might not provide all the components and just the basic applications. The components in mention usually include e – commerce, payment processing along with analytic components.

You would be able to create necessary replicates of websites, back – office along with email accounts for representatives etc. in the full versions of the MLM Software. The online versions however, might not give you all of these facilities but might serve your basic purposes. The full MLM Software includes website analytics as well which gives detailed information like Member Account, Member Downline, Genealogy, Left Right List Status, Due Income, Pervious Income, Fund Request, Fund Transfer, Wallet Statement  and other similar data. 

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What is MLM Marketing ?

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is the strategy where sales force need to not just perform sales but also generate more salespersons. This involves direct selling where salespersons are expected to directly sell the product and at the same time also by means of networking, referrals or word of mouth encourage more people join in with the sales force. MLM Business has become quite popular these days as it gives independent individuals opportunities to make the most out of their time and earn immediate retail profit from customers as well as commissions from the company.

This form of Multi level marketing has been existent since the 1920 s with companies like Nutrilite, Avon and the likes. With more entrants like Amway, the MLM Business has reached new heights and more and more companies have started to get into this form of setup. The basis setup of MLM is when an independent participant who works with the company on non – salaried basis are authorized to distribute the company’s products and services to other consumers as well as have the authority to encourage more and more people to participate and join the sales force. Such individuals are awarded with the retail profit from the consumers as well as commission that the company pays to them for selling their products or services. In a MLM business, participant can quite easily build an active consumer network which in turns results to expansion of the company. Such people have the opportunity to purchase products on wholesale. 

There are various MLM business compensation plans that have come to existence and the most important one of these include the MLM Matrix Plan, MLM Binary Plan and also the MLM Help Plan which is also known as Donation plan. Each of these compensation plans decide how the structure of the company would be. Like for any business, even for this, a very deep study and understanding is required. Though today one can easily depend on the MLM Software but nevertheless to run those perfectly as well, understanding about each plan is essential. 

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E-Commerce Web Site Development with MLM Business Industry


Welcome you, In this post, I focus on helping to understand the term “E-commerce”.  After that, I will help you to implement the concept of E-commerce with the concept of online shopping. Let go! Here, I am introducing you to most famous term “E-Commerce”.

E-commerce is used to describe the business that is supervise over the Internet using any E-commerce application such as E-mail, Shopping carts, web services, EDI and many more.
In simple manner, E-commerce is the computerized technology that can do businesses between provider and receiver. Through this wonderful technology, we can do whole transaction like buying, selling, transmitting goods/ funds/ services and many more. I am giving you the simple diagram of E-commerce:

No w I am presenting you the concept of E-Commerce as “On- Line shopping”. As the internet technology become super hit around the planet everyone started to depend on  this technology, shopping also become a part of this and there were lots of people started to invest in web based business. People prefer to shop and use products of these e-commerce companies as they are easily accessible over the net and also provide door to door delivery. These e-commerce companies also provide many facilities like e-commerce integration, cash on delivery, free shipping and also return policies if the customer is not happy with the product. Hear I show you the diagrammatically representation of online shopping:-

E-Commerce Portal For MLM Software

e-commerce with Multi Level Marketing Business is in demand now a days. Through this combination of MLM Software with e-commerce Business  the MLM networkers, leaders can become proprietor of a successful MLM business. They can purchase products from MLM shopping portal and sale those products to other clients and earn the profit on sale.

MLM Yug - MLM Software Development Company  provides the best featured MLM e-Commerce Website
  • categories management 
  • product management
  • shopping cart management
  • Multi currency
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Visitor  management
  • Shopping history
  • Discount coupon

Customization as per client's requirement and many more.