Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What is MLM Marketing ?

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is the strategy where sales force need to not just perform sales but also generate more salespersons. This involves direct selling where salespersons are expected to directly sell the product and at the same time also by means of networking, referrals or word of mouth encourage more people join in with the sales force. MLM Business has become quite popular these days as it gives independent individuals opportunities to make the most out of their time and earn immediate retail profit from customers as well as commissions from the company.

This form of Multi level marketing has been existent since the 1920 s with companies like Nutrilite, Avon and the likes. With more entrants like Amway, the MLM Business has reached new heights and more and more companies have started to get into this form of setup. The basis setup of MLM is when an independent participant who works with the company on non – salaried basis are authorized to distribute the company’s products and services to other consumers as well as have the authority to encourage more and more people to participate and join the sales force. Such individuals are awarded with the retail profit from the consumers as well as commission that the company pays to them for selling their products or services. In a MLM business, participant can quite easily build an active consumer network which in turns results to expansion of the company. Such people have the opportunity to purchase products on wholesale. 

There are various MLM business compensation plans that have come to existence and the most important one of these include the MLM Matrix Plan, MLM Binary Plan and also the MLM Help Plan which is also known as Donation plan. Each of these compensation plans decide how the structure of the company would be. Like for any business, even for this, a very deep study and understanding is required. Though today one can easily depend on the MLM Software but nevertheless to run those perfectly as well, understanding about each plan is essential. 

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