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To choose the software there are some basic questions that need to be answered.

Does it support the size that you are looking at? 
With this try and understand if there is a limit to the number of distributors that the MLM Software can support. Check the capabilities of the software before settling for it.

Is it in sync with your requirement? 
Ask this to understand various combinations that the software has to offer. This will help you figure out the proficient management method that it offers. For instance, if your product requires a demo, does the software allow that? Try and figure out a versatile software that will suit your business model whether for in – group members or during sales. Would you need Binary plan software or something that understands the Matrix plan? Decide that before deciding upon the software.

How technical will it be? 
Do you want something that is very high tech or would you be able to manage with something that’s quite simple? Will your distributors be tech savvy or would they need something that doesn't require more than a few steps? Explore answers to all of these before taking your pick.

What is the real cost? 
Understand if your in–house developer can manage a system that is as reliable as any MLM Software. If so then maybe you might not even need a MLM Software.

What does the future look like?
You never know what your distributors might want from you, therefore understand them before you choose your software. Though most, change and accommodate as per the requirements at different stages but you wouldn't want to take a risk.

After sale services
Make sure that your Software provider is willing to offer you after sale services which will help you keep your software functioning and organizing your business flawlessly.

Apart from these also study the background of your software provider and take demo of the software before making the purchase. Find what works for you the best.  Compensation plans will play a major role in helping you figure out whether you need Matrix plan based MLM Software or the one that is basically a Binary Plan software.

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