Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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There have been a lot of associations built between Pyramid Scheme and Multi – Level Marketing. While Pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business where money is exchanged and no product or service is offered. Usually these schemes are illegal. One simply just signs up the newer members for a fee with no exchange of products and services. Every year under the coax of MLM business such pyramids schemes exchange millions. One can easily find out about such schemes if one moves forward with caution. Usually such businesses have vague descriptions, no product or service is offered and there are futile repeated assurances.

On the other hand is the Multi – level marketing which seems to be similar to the pyramid scheme but there is enough difference between the two. First and foremost of these reasons is that a Multi Level Business is legal. Moreover, the common elements of this form of a business is that there is almost nil enrollment fee, the products and services are explained to you before you sign up, a participant can make money without signing up others by simply selling the products that the company offers.

Apart from the differences in Pyramid scheme and MLM business, it’s also important for us to understand the different types of network marketing compensation plans. These are Uni-level structures, StairStep breakaway plan, Binary system and the Forced Matrix plan.

Today, looking at the growing network of the MLM business, a lot of MLM software have come into existence that are available online in free as well as paid versions. These are at times web – based or can also be downloaded.  Full - featured software provides for all important components that are required to run a MLM business successfully whereas the online free version might not provide all the components and just the basic applications. The components in mention usually include e – commerce, payment processing along with analytic components.

You would be able to create necessary replicates of websites, back – office along with email accounts for representatives etc. in the full versions of the MLM Software. The online versions however, might not give you all of these facilities but might serve your basic purposes. The full MLM Software includes website analytics as well which gives detailed information like Member Account, Member Downline, Genealogy, Left Right List Status, Due Income, Pervious Income, Fund Request, Fund Transfer, Wallet Statement  and other similar data. 

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